No fewer than 144 A-brands use Utopis. Utopis and ZeeBoer connect partners in the construction process.

According to ZeeBoer, the manufacturer plays an important role in the construction process. He has professional knowledge, comes with the right solution and remains involved with the end user even after the project was delivered. Almost all sectors within the construction column belong to our clients.

Your product data better found.

ColVitro chooses Utopis

From Goirle in Brabant, ColVitro sends loads of the most beautiful colors of glass granulate into the world. The aim is circular, but beautiful.

Park Positive advice tool

Especially for Park Positive ZeeBoer created an advice tool that shows how much rainwater you can infiltrate into your paving.

Fast specs for Gyproc

The existing specifications tool would be discontinued. Saint-Gobain Gyproc came to ZeeBoer with that problem. Whether we could quickly take over the service. Yes, we could.

Specificationsservice for POL Heteren

POL Heteren supplies products and services to increase safety in traffic and on vehicles.

Struyk Verwo Infra specifications

Struyk Verwo Infra, a ZeeBoer client since 2010, has renewed its specification service! Including ready-made laying bonds for green paving and climate-conscious designs.

Specification service BMI renewed

The Icopal and Monier brands under the BMI umbrella

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