Utopis PIM makes product management easy. You manage and distribute all information that your customers and colleagues find important. The ideal mix of construction knowledge, product data and marketing.

  • Bring an overview of your product data
  • All your documentation available in one place.
  • Your website, product sheets, ERP and other media from one source.
  • Always up to date and correct thanks to user-friendly software.
  • With Utopis PIM you choose software especially for the construction industry.

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What is a PIM?

With a PIM, in full Product Information Management System, you manage and distribute all relevant information about the products you produce and sell. Our software is very accessible according to our users. We provide you with a good and are approachable if you have any questions.

All information available in one place

Add texts, photos and other assets to your product. Is it available in different colors and sizes? Utopis keeps track and ensures that wrong combinations are not possible. With a PIM you avoid annoyances and you save time and therefore money.

Where can I use Utopis PIM?

A PIM is at the service of your team 24/7. Feed your documentation, product flyers and website from one central source. Do you have a adjustment? With the push of a button it is changed everywhere. Does a dealer need product data? Utopis PIM connects to standards such as DICO and ETIM and exchanges digitally with other databases whenever you want.

Smart tools.

In Utopis you can use various smart tools.

Your product data better found.


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