Looking for online software as a solution for article management in construction? Utopis is cloud software specially for product information in the construction sector.

Save time and errors while making happy users

Many manufacturers and suppliers set up a PIM. A product information management system distributes market information from one central source. Utopis offers you that option too.

  • Specially developed for construction
  • Connection to BIM and ETIM
  • Utopis thinks in systems
  • Step by step implementation
  • Works together with ERP and other software
  • Attractively priced

What is a PIM?

With a PIM, in full Product Information Management System, you manage and distribute all relevant information about the products you produce and sell. A PIM expands the possibilities of your existing ERP and software and connects seamlessly. Our users find our software very accessible. We provide you with a good and are approachable if you have any questions.

All information available in one place

Add texts, photos and other assets to your product. Is it available in different colors and sizes? Utopis keeps track and ensures that wrong combinations are not possible. Thanks to the Utopis WebAPI, you can quickly exchange data with data pools such as IB.nl or 2BA and connect your website or other software to your PIM.

Connecting to digital standards

Because Utopis connects to digital standards such as ETIM, DICO, STABU2, RAW and NL-SfB, you exchange product data with customers and prescribers. Utopis fits in seamlessly with the working methods of architects, prescribers and the trade. With a PIM especially for the construction sector, you can make full use of the expertise of your colleagues via an online 24/7 advice tool, system configurator, inspiration tool, color mixer and so on.

Smart add-ons.

With Utopis' smart tools you save time, make fewer mistakes and provide your customer with optimal information.

All product data available in one platform.


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