Utopis is the product management system (PIM) for construction suppliers. Utopis has three packages and useful modules. This allows you to manage all your product data, advise clients and improve your sales.

  • Easy management and maximum sharing of data.
  • End to fragmented product information, so fewer errors.
  • Website, documentation, advice tool and specifications from one source.
  • Fully adapted to digital standards in construction.

We are ZeeBoer, the makers of Utopis. We are happy to show you the benefits Utopis can offer your company.

Utopis PIM

Looking for online software as a solution for article management in construction? Utopis is cloud software specially for product information in the construction sector.

Utopis Specs

Utopis Specs increases your chances. Manufacturers with a specification service in RAW or STABU2 are prescribed more often and sell better. Both specifiers and designers are happy with a manufacturer’s specification tool.

Smart Utopis features

Utopis PIM & Bestek has various add-ons that make the lives of your clients easier. But your own colleagues will also gratefully use the benefits of Utopis.

Smart add-ons.

With Utopis' smart tools you save time, make fewer mistakes and provide your customer with optimal information.

“Finally: getting rid of all those loose Excel files”.

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