ZeeBoer will grow in the coming years, will you build with us?

In the next ten years, almost a million new homes will be built and sustainability will play an increasingly important role. With this enormous social challenge, we need to build faster and smarter. Digitization makes construction processes run more smoothly, with fewer people. We are good at that.

We take the time to immerse ourselves in our client and his range. We do this by working together. We share our ideas and mistakes are allowed here. We learn and we get better. If something doesn’t exist yet, we create it: one learns by doing. We come up with new solutions or learn new skills if necessary. The combination of construction knowledge, involvement, marketing and ICT makes us goal-oriented, flexible and effective. We know what we have in common. At Utopis and ZeeBoer we build together.

Advisor product management

Building materials manufacturers are enthusiastic about Utopis® because they can perfectly manage their product information in it. Do you have the knowledge to support and advise them in this? Then ZeeBoer might be your next employer.

We can think along because we employ structural engineers.

Peter Veldhuizen

Since 2017 Peter is the owner of ZeeBoer. You can read below how he ended up at ZeeBoer.

“Until 2014 I worked for one of our clients. Here I was responsible for managing product information and website. ZeeBoer provided our specification texts. When we were ready for a new website in 2005-2006, Utopis was introduced. One of my first achievements was entering all product information in Utopis. That was great: all product information in one database.”

Peter has a background in data and information systems: “After hotel school, I started studying business management in Utrecht, where I chose information systems as a study variant. I developed websites at an early age and set up databases for more efficient use of product information.”

Peter was also involved in the development of Utopis PIM on behalf of the client. He developed various ideas together with Reindert de Boer, Maarten Hopman and Jeroen Jongebloed. Ideas that make Utopia software that has been developed for and by the construction manufacturer.

“In 2014 Reindert de Boer asked why I didn’t work at ZeeBoer yet and I made the switch. I have never regretted this. The best thing about ZeeBoer is that we can think along with manufacturers because we employ structural engineers,” says Peter.

When Reindert and Margreet indicated in 2016 that they wanted to stop, I decided to take over the company. Colleague Antoon Siebert has been co-owner since 2018. “I’m still very happy with this as well.”

Is Utopis your next career move? Schedule a meeting with Peter Veldhuizen and have a (digital) cup of coffee.


What is it like to work with the Dutch?

The Dutch are very informal and direct in their dealings. So you get their opinion easily. However, a Dutchman is a man of his word. Also the lines at ZeeBoer are short. So you can easily submit your problem to Peter or a colleague.

Do I have to speak Dutch?

No, that is not necessary. Certainly not as a developer. Bernd also came to us with German and English knowledge and now he also speaks Dutch.

What kind of assignments do you do?

Our customers use our standard functionality, such as the JSON WebAPI, PDF generator and UP wizard. In addition, we build advice tools that are more customized. At the moment we are converting Utopis® to .NETcore.

What techniques do you work with?

The PIM we developed, Utopis®, is based on .NET and .NETcore. Here you will find Entity Framework, Blazor Server/WASM, CSS and HTML5 as well.

What makes working at ZeeBoer fun?

We have many different clients, the construction industry is a dynamic industry that is fully digitized at the moment and we think the atmosphere within our team is excellent.

Do I have to bring my own sandwich?

In the afternoon we set the table for lunch together. So you don’t have to bring bread, but you can of course.

Is hybrid working an option?

Yes that is possible. We also provide good equipment at home.

Do you have outings?

Sure. We regularly go out to eat or barbecue together. Also nice: in 2021 we visited Girona and Barcelona together and we had a similar trip to the Isle of Texel in 2018.

How big is your team?

At the moment we are with two ladies and six gentlemen.

Do I have to take tests?

No, we do not conduct an assessment test or other exam. Let’s just have a good chat with each other. 🙂

What is the application procedure?

Just come for coffee first or meet Peter Veldhuizen online. We will explore together whether ZeeBoer is the right team for you. The atmosphere and our coffee are good, so you just have to come and taste it.

How can you be reached?

You can get to ZeeBoer’s easy: we are located in Vaassen, just above Apeldoorn, ideally accessible from the A50, A1 and A28. For an introduction you can send an app, make a (digital) appointment, send an email to info@zeeboer.nl or call (085) 74 33 333.