With Utopis PIM (UP), construction manufacturers manage and distribute their product data. UP Data Management is the online portal where the product manager has control.

Manage centrally, distribute maximally

UP Data Management is intuitive, so easy to operate. Products, articles, systems, file and asset management (DAM); your data comes together in this online environment.

  • Manage as if you were in Excel
  • Filter and select
  • Drag-and-drop file management
  • Asset management for text attachments and translations

Tailored to your wishes

Depending on how you use Utopis for your organization, you can get started in UP Data Management. Do you have a cutlery service? You can then adjust the article and product data via UP Data Management. Have you also linked your website or product magazines to Utopis? Then pack images, PDF files, text blocks and perhaps translations are discussed.

Connecting to digital standards

Do you want to connect to digital standards? With the built-in ETIM validator you can classify your item data and stay informed of updates. Of course, ZeeBoer ensures a future-proof connection to RAW and STABU for your tender specification tool.

UP Data Management Workshop

There is the UP Data Management Workshop to explain all the “ins and outs”. Our product leader explains to you and your colleagues how we have set up Utopis for your company and how you can keep the data up to date.

Would you like to schedule a workshop? Please contact Antoon, Maarten or Peter, or schedule an appointment right away.

Smart add-ons.

With Utopis' smart tools you save time, make fewer mistakes and provide your customer with optimal information.

Your product data better found.


Would you like an introduction? Schedule an appointment right now with our online tool.