Utopis and ZeeBoer like to keep you informed about the latest activities of our team and developments in the market.

ZeeBoer closely follows developments in the construction industry. For many clients we are a reliable advisor in the field of building information management, standards and technical product marketing.


Bouwbeurs 2023

6 - 10 February 2023 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht

Brush up on EROs

Jeroen, Marloes and Peter followed an emergency response brush up today. Together with our neighbor Redon Bouw, we form one emergency response team. It was not only educational, but also fun.

Happy Holidays

The Utopis Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New corporate branding

Together with Rebelation we reshaped the corporate identity of Utopis.

Vacancy notification

'An application doesn't exist yet? Then we'll make it.'

Marloes introduces herself

Marloes Freschi started working with us on October 1. We are very pleased that she has joined our team. So time for an introduction. Marloes would like to introduce herself.

Working in a small team

“The nice thing about working at ZeeBoer is that we work in a small team”, according to Bernd, who works at ZeeBoer since 2014.

Public Space Trade Fair

On 5 and 6 October, Jaarbeurs Utrecht will be completely devoted to the Public Space Trade Fair.

Street furniture in tenders

Together with specialists from CROW, specifiers, contractors and producers, outdoor furnishings were looked at. Because our street furniture customers and ZeeBoer add a lot of knowledge to a tender, our input was appreciated. The aim is to put together an expert group in this field. Unfortunately CROW does not welcome manufacturers here and that is why it is all the more fun that we were able to participate on Tuesday.

Mea Specification service

ZeeBoer heeft voor Bouwimpex een MEA-bestekservice mogen ontwikkelen. Bouwimpex is a specialist in the field of professional linear drainage.

Next career move

We are looking for .NET developers and maybe next year a product information consultant.

Bimming with Gaudí

Bimming with Gaudí: ZeeBoer visited Girona and Barcelona. Ample attention was paid to looking at architecture and urban planning.

v.d. Bosch Beton sets up PIM

Utopis PIM & Specs is for v.d. Bosch Beton the perfect tool to manage and share product information.

New look specification service Easypath

ZeeBoer has given the bicycle path configurator and RAW specification service a new look on behalf of Easypath.

Elevate specs tool

Zeeboer was allowed to develop a configurator for Elevate. Firestone Building Products is a leading manufacturer of high quality EPDM and TPO roofing systems for commercial, industrial and residential roofs.

Specifications service Leicon renewed


AGC glass configurator launched

AGC Glass is the largest flat glass producer in the world and produces, processes and improves flat glass for the construction, interior design, automotive and solar industries.

NTA 8800 calculation tool for Rockwool

For many years now, Rockwool has offered the possibility to easily calculate which RC value a certain construction yields.

Specificationservice for PixalPaving

ZeeBoer has developed a specification service for PixalPaving. PixalPaving prints symbols, indication, prohibition and warning signs on concrete tiles or baked pavement. Especially for specialized construction suppliers such as PixalPaving, ZeeBoer has an entry-level version of the specification service: Utopis Lite or specification links.

Website with PIM-connection

ZeeBoer has renewed the website on behalf of AquaBASE. The site was linked to Utopis PIM with a Wordpress plugin. In addition, the website was given a knowledge base to provide the market with even better information.

Specifications service Heros Sluiskil

ZeeBoer was commissioned by Heros Sluiskil to develop an online specification service for their Granova product line.

ZeeBoer develops quotation tool

Siemens Solutions Partners can now make calculations with a quote tool developed by ZeeBoer.

Improved Mosa specification tools

The specification services for Mosa Tiles and Mosa Panel have been improved.