With Utopis tools you provide clients with information. But who actually uses it? With Utopis Insights you recognize business visitors and can proactively acquire and advise.

Utopis Insights gives you an overview of business visitors to your specification service, product selector, calculator or even website.

  • Recognize your visitors
  • Give your sales team leads they can use
  • Zoom in on user groups
  • Personalize your content to give you even better advice

Is your sales team also looking for the perfect leads? With Utopis Insights you can make it happen.

Recognize your potential client

In the online dashboard you get an overview of your recognized visitors within a few clicks. We not only show you the company name, but also which pages they viewed and what their organization looks like. We do not use 3rd party cookies, it is completely GDPR-proof. Objective: make even better use of the returns you achieve with your Utopis solution.

Analyze and personalize

Divide your visitors into target group, seller or region: a lot is done automatically with tags. Utopis Insights will even make a video of the entire session if you wish. Finally, you can personalize your tool. This allows you to offer your solutions to a target group.

Powered by SalesFeed

ZeeBoer developed Utopis Insights together with SalesFeed, a Hilversum-based club of people with a passion for online returns. SalesFeed has been offering scalable services for recognizing your prospects, customers and other visitors for years.


We are happy to show you what Utopis Insights can do for your tool. You can try Utopis Insights free of charge for four weeks. ZeeBoer can support you or you can visit SalesFeed’s (extensive) knowledge base.

So contact us for an (online) demo of Utopis Insights.

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