Struyk Verwo Infra, a ZeeBoer client since 2010, has renewed its specification service! Including ready-made laying bonds for green paving and climate-conscious designs.

Struyk Verwo Infra’s extensive range is displayed at item level in the specifications service. This means that models can be selected in combination with a color and then generate a specification text.

Detailed specifications for prescribers

The tool includes ready-made laying bonds for various types of green paving and a configurator for the Solids & Seats product line.

  • More than 10,000 articles
  • Color choice based on photos
  • Easily add bends and fittings
  • Specification texts part 2 in RAW, STABU and Spe-X
  • Additional processing instructions part 3

Useful link from the website

An overview of all relevant information about a model and the product line can be found via the product selector on the Struyk Verwo Infra website. Via the “specification service” button, a specifier, architect or modeller can go directly to the chosen model. Through a few additional selections he or she reaches the STABU2, RAW or neutral Spe-X specification.

Extensive product lines such as curbs also include all accessories, such as curve beams and entrance curbs. This option is now also available for the Solids & Seats product line.

Climate-conscious versions

For a sustainable request, you can specifically choose products with a more environmentally friendly sub-concrete in the specification service:

  • CERO cement-free concrete with geopolymer technology – MKI reduction of approx. 50%
  • CirCOton – MKI and 15% (V/V) in accordance with the Construction Circular master specifications.

ZeeBoer advises and works for you

Struyk Verwo Infra has been advised on its tool by our colleague Maarten Hopman for years. Does your organization also have a range where the combination of items leads to a good solution for construction? Then a system configurator or selection tool is also something for you.

But feel free to make an appointment for a demo or request your white paper Specifications and BIM.

All information available in one place.

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Project manager

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Front-end developer

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Back-end developer

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