With DICO you can quickly exchange product data with your partners in the market. Together with ETIM, DICO forms the standard for digital construction.

  • Your product information quickly and efficiently at the trade
  • Provided with links to your documents and website
  • Include ETIM information if you wish
  • Your trading partners appreciate your effort

Do you send your product information to contractors and trading partners? When communicating with DICO you work efficiently.

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Fast data exchange

Different construction messages can be exchanged with DICO. Think of the quotation, an order, invoice or maintenance call.

In Utopis, the DICO price list (also known as article message) and DICO product message play the main role. These messages contain all the information that the trade and contractor are waiting for.

Utopis is DICO-certified

DICO was devised by Ketenstandaard (Dutch for Chain Standard). ZeeBoer is an installation partner of Ketenstandard and our product report is certified.

Your product range in overview

Have you made your range ETIM-proof? Then you can send it to your relations with a DICO product message. Your range is then always up-to-date in the software of the contractor, trader or client.

Smart add-ons.

With Utopis' smart tools you save time, make fewer mistakes and provide your customer with optimal information.

Your product data better found.


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