As a construction manufacturer you have a lot of knowledge about your field. Utopis knowledge base is the place to store and share this. By sharing knowledge, the expertise of the user grows and therefore your market position.

  • Collecting all professional knowledge in one central place.
  • Maintain expertise of your employees.
  • Google will appreciate your effort.
  • Linkable with other Utopis modules.

Isn’t such a knowledge base useful? We would like to introduce it to you.

How does such a knowledge base work?

Collect professional knowledge, market information and other types of human capital in one central place. With the special tag cloud configurator you share your know-how with your partners in the construction industry.

What do I have to do for that?

Utopis Knowledge Base is an ideal addition to other Utopis modules. Manage it yourself, make it multilingual and distribute to the max. Or just for internal use? Your colleagues will thank you.

Capturing knowledge

The preservation of human capital is a hot item. Like many other organizations, the construction industry has to deal with an aging population. You would like to retain the knowledge of an employee who is retiring within your company. Our knowledge base is ideally suited for this. All this valuable expertise is thus preserved and easily found in one central place. New employees can also draw endless information from this tool.

Smart tools.

In Utopis you can use various smart tools.

All information available in one place.


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