The existing specifications tool would be discontinued. Saint-Gobain Gyproc came to ZeeBoer with that problem. Whether we could quickly take over the service. Yes, we could.

Our colleague Antoon Siebert interpreted the existing data and ensured that it was entered efficiently in Utopis Bestek. Within the agreed time, the existing links on the Gyproc website were redirected to Utopis. Does a user experience much difference? Probably not, except that everything is immediately brought up to date. More systems will be added in the coming period.

The user defines a solution via the Gyproc website. The end result shows different types of information. A system sheet, technical description and downloads. And the possibility to download a specification text. This step is now taken care of by Utopis Specs.

Do you also want to work on specification texts for your solutions? Then take a look at or schedule a demo immediately.

Responding to digital building standards.

Peter Veldhuizen


Antoon Siebert

Partner / project manager

Maarten Hopman

Project manager

Jeroen Houdé

Front-end developer

Bernd Kurtze

Back-end developer

Zsolt Kiss

Back-end developer

Mariska van ’t Veer


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