With Utopis Specs you can make an advice tool that provides a good description of your solution in the specifications and BIM model. Manufacturers with a specification service are more often prescribed.

  • Being in specifications more often and correctly contributes to better sales.
  • Architects and specifiers rely on your knowledge of the product.
  • No wrong product combinations, but complete system specifications.
  • In the current standard and in the correct file format.
  • ZeeBoer advises you with years of experience.

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Tender specifications as the key to valuable sales

In construction, the specifications form a contract between the project developer and builder/contractor. It describes, together with drawings and BIM model, what the requirements and quality are. If your solution is in these specifications, the architect or specifier will ask the contractor to apply your solution.

Correct standard and exchange file

We ensure that your range is in line with the right specification standard. Do you supply solutions for residential and utility construction or installation in The Netherlands? Then a STABU specification service is the right choice. In road and hydraulic engineering, a RAW specification service is a must. There are even more (international) standards like NBS, GAEB and C3A; ZeeBoer advises you on this.

Step by step advice

Architects and specifiers can make a choice step by step. Your solution may depend on the subsoil, environment or other circumstances. We take that into account. This way we prevent wrong combinations and you become a reliable partner for prescribers.

Smart add-ons.

With Utopis' smart tools you save time, make fewer mistakes and provide your customer with optimal information.

Efficiently manage and share product data.


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