Utopis Specs increases your chances. Manufacturers with a specification service in RAW or STABU2 are prescribed more often and sell better. Both specifiers and designers are happy with a manufacturer’s specification tool.

Have a specification service made?

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  • If you are more often and correctly in specifications, you sell more
  • No wrong combinations, so less frustration
  • Designers and specifiers rely on your product knowledge
  • In the correct standard and file format
  • Utopis advises you and keeps everything up-to-date

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Correct language and format

Would you like to have a specification tool made? We ensure that your range matches the correct tender specifications. Do you provide solutions for residential and non-residential construction? Then a STABU cutlery service is the right choice. A RAW specification service is a must in ground, road and hydraulic engineering. There are even more (international) standards. For example, you can connect to BIM with NL-SfB specifications; ZeeBoer is happy to advise you on this.

Advise prescribers step by step

We have good tools to get to the right specification text. Step by step, we lead the specifier to the system solution or product combination that best meets his/her wishes. The correct text will then immediately be downloaded from this location. Wrong combinations must be prevented and Utopis helps with this. We take care of this completely for you.

Another advantage: a specification service is available 24/7 via for example specs.yourcompany.com. Even at times when the advisors have no contact with the prescriber…

Follow up on leads and seize opportunities

Do you want to know who uses your advice tool or specification service? With Utopis Insights you recognize business visitors and can proactively acquire and advise. Is your sales team also looking for the perfect leads? With Utopis Insights you can make it work.

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