Classify your products according to ETIM and you will be found better. Utopis helps you with this with the ETIM validator. International: so everyone knows what kind of product you offer.

  • If you are ETIM-proof, the market will understand your product quickly
  • Including relevant properties
  • International, so multilingual
  • Your trading partners appreciate your effort

Do you send your product information to contractors and trading partners? When you add ETIM they will appreciate it.

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ETIM is an international standard. Originated in the installation sector and now also for construction. In the Netherlands, ETIM International is represented by Stichting Ketenstandaard. ZeeBoer is an installation partner of Ketenstandard.

The Utopis ETIM validator ensures that you always apply the latest version of the standard to your assortment. This is because ETIM is dynamic: if something changes, we report this in Utopis Data Management.

Have you made your range ETIM-proof? Then you can send it to your relations with a DICO product message. Your range is then always up-to-date in the software of the contractor, trader or client. Our product message is certified by Ketenstandaard.

All information available in one place.

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Partner / project manager

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Project manager

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Account manager

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Front-end developer

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Back-end developer

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Back-end developer

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