With Utopis Pageflip you can present your documentation or magazine in a beautiful way. Not static but a nice moving image.

  • Nice way of presenting your flyers and docs
  • Add promotional links for videos, web links or prizes.
  • Connect to your own (existing) product database.
  • Easily create one presentation from different sources.
  • Display as carousel or real scrolling.

Are you ready for a nice presentation of your documentation?

What can I do with it?

With Utopis Pageflip you can easily add, reorder or delete PDFs you want to show. This way your documentation is always up to date.

Add a link to an instructional video? Also useful for web links, prices and additional info.

Linkable to Utopis PIM

Do you create product sheets with Utopis PIM? Link them in PageFlip and create a complete digital documentation folder.

Smart tools.

In Utopis you can use various smart tools.

Responding to digital building standards.


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