Roosmarijn Ordelman started as an account manager at ZeeBoer last Monday. The world of PIM and specs requires some explanation.

BIM, PIM, ETIM, RAW, STABU2… our industry almost makes one dizzy in a first week. Curious how Roosmarijn dealt with this? Then read on.

Roosmarijn says: “I had already been to ZeeBoer in December for an introduction, but I had doubts. Does construction suit me? A month later I bumped into Peter. This got us talking again and I felt very welcome at ZeeBoer. The result is that I started last Monday and had an exciting first week!”

Peter continues: “The world of ZeeBoer is about standards, digital exchange, specifications and PIM. That can be overwhelming for someone who has been applying her advisory skills in another sector. The entire team tries to take Roosmarijn into that world step by step”.

Roosmarijn: “Construction is a truly dynamic industry. ZeeBoer has many brands that have been clients for years and that I have known for years myself. For me it is fantastic to see how all those manufacturers share their product data and knowledge with their market. “I’m really looking forward to getting to know our clients and making new clients happy.”

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