Many people think that STABU and ZeeBoer are competitors. That in itself is understandable, because Stichting Ketenstandaard (Dutch for Chain Standardization), the organization that manages the STABU standard, has two focus areas.

Ketenstandaard’s core business is the promotion, improvement and maintenance of standards such as STABU2, ETIM and DICO. Just like other construction partners, ZeeBoer uses these standards. The right to exist of Ketenstandaard and STABU is therefore evident to us.

However, Ketenstandaard also advises manufacturers on specifications. Something she has in common with ZeeBoer and other commercial parties. Manufacturers have to deal with many standards, each of which requires a financial contribution and effort. After all, non-profit parties also have a revenue model. Although Ketenstandaard therefore acts as both the keeper of the STABU standard and its operator, ZeeBoer believes that manufacturers can make sufficient choices when distributing their product data.

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