An FPS or manufacturer product specification is of interest to building suppliers. An FPS is brief product information that can be included in a specification description. As a manufacturer, you have different options. As a supplier, you want to be named in a tender and the specification experts seek assistance from the manufacturer.

Manufacturers can still buy a place in the STABU2-catalog at Ketenstandaard. You don’t have to, but with an FPS you do have a kind of “advertisement” in the catalog. When the specifier turns on the FPS button, he sees the list. However, many manufacturers do not maintain their information, so many FPSs are years old. In addition, prescribers no longer see the wood for the trees. According to ZeeBoer, this means that FPSs are no longer in line with current times.

Specifications by ZeeBoer
ZeeBoer supports you in the creation of individual product specifications. You can then add it (or have it added) as FPS. However, we recommend creating a consultation tool that will help the author of the tender text to make a good selection. Also interesting is a combination of FPS and consulting tool. Advantage: better support. Disadvantage: One time investment and cost of updating the tool.

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