Saturday, June 17, 2023, the sixteenth Day of Construction will be organized! Construction and infrastructure companies proudly open their construction sites to the public. Everyone can come and discover what is involved in building houses, roads, hospitals, locks, dikes and stations.

Throughout the Netherlands, construction sites are opening their gates and you can see how dynamic the construction sector is. So visit one of the projects. In Vaassen, for example, you can visit two projects related to sustainability, but other themes are also discussed. You can filter according to your interests on the “Dag van de Bouw” website.

Circular WWTP Terwolde

The WWTP Terwolde treats the waste water from the Terwolde – Voorst region. A future-proof sewage treatment plant, built according to new techniques, with a lot of attention for circularity and sustainability.

Realization new church center Vaassen

In Vaassen, Bouwbedrijf van Laar is building the new church center on behalf of the board of church stewards. To this end, GAJ/VBW architects has drawn up a plan to renovate the existing building, make it more sustainable and restore it on the outside.

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