We at ZeeBoer wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For ZeeBoer 2023 was another special year. Zsolt came to work for us and Marloes found her dream job in defense and left us. A bit sad, but rewarding for her.

We hope you will have a wonderful 2024. Not only in business, but also private. For now: just like us, switch off your PC for a week if you can. ZeeBoer is available in case of emergencies between Christmas and New Year.

Good intentions? We do have a few. For example, we will work on our personal development in 2024. In a number of training courses we will work together on collaboration, efficiency and returns. This not only benefits our clients, but is also interesting for the people behind ZeeBoer: Antoon, Bernd, Jeroen, Maarten, Mariska, Zsolt and Peter.

Behind the scenes, Bernd and Zsolt are working on the next version of Utopis. We do this by using the techniques of the future. We will continue with this in 2024. Including great new features, of course. We will keep you informed.

Do you have good intentions? Let us know and we will catch up on a personal level in January or February (and time look at product management in your organization at the same time).

Efficiently manage and share product data.

Peter Veldhuizen


Antoon Siebert

Partner / project manager

Maarten Hopman

Project manager

Jeroen Houdé

Front-end developer

Bernd Kurtze

Back-end developer

Zsolt Kiss

Back-end developer

Mariska van ’t Veer


Roosmarijn Ordelman

Account manager

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