Just before summer, Ketenstandaard conducted a market survey into the need for a standardized link between STABU and NL-SfB. They received valuable feedback from architectural firms, contractors, specifiers, government agencies and construction cost experts.

Where STABU2 describes crafts, so called type of work method, SfB is an element method. By using NL-SfB, specifiers connect to the BIM model. No less than 86.8% of the respondents say they will use the standardized link. This shows that there is a strong need for uniformity and efficiency in the specification process.

Link between STABU2 and NL-SfB available

Ketenstandaard has recently been working on the development of this standardized link and it is now available for the implementation partners to integrate into their software. This not only means a big leap forward for the users of our standards STABU and NL-SfB, but also an important step towards linking with BIM.

NL-SfB in your specification service?

ZeeBoer has been offering NL-SfB for several years as a possible output of a specification service in addition to STABU2 and RAW. In the coming period, ZeeBoer and other software partners of Ketenstandaard will continue to open up NL-SfB. If you would like to offer your product range in NL-SfB specifications, please contact us.

Responding to digital building standards.

Peter Veldhuizen


Antoon Siebert

Partner / project manager

Maarten Hopman

Project manager

Jeroen Houdé

Front-end developer

Bernd Kurtze

Back-end developer

Zsolt Kiss

Back-end developer

Mariska van ’t Veer


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