An ode to sustainable builders. To the entrepreneurs that ZeeBoer does not see every day, but for whom we also work.

Builders of a new barn, grain silo, water storage or chicken coop. Entrepreneurs who start working with money from the Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Network for a better future for their children.

Sustainable construction, energy transition: almost without exception, ZeeBoer customers work on solving complex challenges. ZeeBoer sees developments from different angles. Sharing knowledge, reuse of building materials, containment of CO2, digital collaboration. Naturally, the focus is quickly on our own environment, but the world is bigger than our own problems and challenges

If you look a little further than our own (digital) built environment, you will also see a world that is far from ready for BIM. Where the shovel and hammer are still the most important tools. Here ZeeBoer, together with Oxfam Novib, ensures good local cooperation, financing and thus combating poverty, lack of education and utilities.

Do you want to know more about this initiative? Get in touch with Peter and he will talk you through it with passion. Would you like to contribute yourself? Then give ten chickens or a goat as a gift and help a family with a new future.

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Peter Veldhuizen


Antoon Siebert

Partner / project manager

Maarten Hopman

Project manager

Jeroen Houdé

Front-end developer

Bernd Kurtze

Back-end developer

Zsolt Kiss

Back-end developer

Mariska van ’t Veer


Roosmarijn Ordelman

Account manager

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