After a really nice year, Marloes is leaving us. She has found her dream job at the Royal Netherlands Army.

In recent months, Marloes has brought the ZeeBoer brand to the attention of many manufacturers. Unfortunately, we now have to look for a successor.

Marloes, we will miss you and wish you the best of luck!

Marloes worked as an account manager last year. Before that, she worked as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. She was looking for a commercial position at a small organization. When she read in the vacancy that a nice cup of coffee was ready, an introduction was quickly planned. Now she looks back on a year of working at ZeeBoer.

In the beginning, Marloes learned a lot about Utopis and the construction industry. By listening a lot to colleagues, going to events and looking a lot at our tools. “As an account manager you are the bridge between our customers and the specialists. You are the face of the organization for customers. You initiate contact, transfer it to colleagues for the substantive implementation and carry out relationship management.”

“What really appeals to me about working at ZeeBoer is the freedom I experience. Peter explained how he envisioned the performance of the position, and what ideas he had about it. Then it was up to me to give substance to that. This gave me a lot of confidence.”

She thinks ZeeBoer is a very nice employer. “Everything is well arranged and everything is thought through. Such as pension information or a lunch for customers. We think along well, even if your home situation requires it. And when a new customer places an order, we celebrate with sausage rolls for the entire team.”

Marloes is now employed in the army. She was already involved with this organization and was approached with an offer that was tailor-made for her. And that is why we decided to take the step. “It was nice to notice that my colleagues really appreciated this development.”

ZeeBoer is therefore looking for an account manager. Does this position appeal to you? View the vacancy on our website and schedule an introduction.

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