Looking for a PIM especially for construction manufacturers? Utopis combines product management with specifications and BIM: ideal.

With PIM software you prevent fragmentation of product information. A product information management system replaces Excel sheets and other databases. As a result, information management takes place in one central location.

  • Specially developed for construction
  • Unique online building tools
  • Connection with BIM and ETIM
  • UtopisĀ® Platform thinks in systems
  • Step by step implementation
  • Seamlessly connect to other databases
  • Attractively priced

Today’s construction manufacturer is more and more supplier of knowledge. Every participant in the building process has its own information needs. Architects, contractors, project developers and end users want up-to-date and correct data from you. By distributing this information from one central source, you save costs and prevent errors.

Setting up a central product database is always a wise choice. A PIM is not only interesting for large multinationals. Today’s software works together with other existing software and is scalable. Fast and cost-conscious implementation is therefore possible. Also for a small organization.

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Our team consists of enthusiastic specialists. The combination of construction knowledge, involvement, marketing and ICT makes us goal-oriented, flexible and decisive.

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